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Join the fastest growing online community for technology executives seeking to Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute. Established by a former CIO, the CIO Professional Network is a vendor-free, member-driven, member-led, and member-supported community of technology executives who seek an easier way to network, learn, mentor, and grow in a private, trusted environment.

Peer Collaboration

Connect with other members on best practices, find solutions to common challenges, and celebrate the accomplishments that drive innovation and professional growth.

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Vendor-free membership is restricted to the the top IT, security or digital professionals for their respective organization.

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In collaboration with The National CIO Review, members are given first consideration for professional recognition and branding opportunities.

"The CIO Professional Network will help any CIO up their super-powers and equip them with incredible briefings, access to curated content, and other peers who are rockstars from every industry. By investing 10 minutes per day, you will gain access to collateral that would take you weeks to find on your own sifting through LinkedIn channels and other external research firms without all the dreaded sales calls. The team behind the network is truly amazing and works tirelessly to ensure every member is appreciated and can add value to their respective companies."
Lonnie Snyder
CIO, 2026 Special Olympics USA Games
“The CIO Professional Network serves as a real-time knowledge base to elevate your expertise as a technology leader. Access to trending topics through articles and videos, technology research, learning series and direct peer member advice provides insight to challenging questions and this has boosted my ability to navigate the dynamic technology landscape. It’s member driven leveraging the vast experience of a trusted peer network. I’ve enjoyed connecting, collaborating and contributing to this leadership community for several years.”
Beth O'Rorke
CIO, Commonwealth Care Alliance
"The CIO Professional Network is a one of a kind forum for CIOs by CIOs. In the few months of its existence it has already proven to be a great platform for robust peer connections, rich content, and meaningful insights all generated and informed by a seasoned group of IT leaders nationwide."
Harsha Bellur
CIO, James Avery Craftsman
"The CIO Professional Network has been a great resource to find out what other CIOs are thinking about by connecting to other CIOs. I have also been able to reach out to people about their personal experiences managing projects or implementing technology so that I can learn from their successes and failures. Also, the research briefs have been very helpful in learning about what others are doing and how to approach things on which you may not have personal experience."
Bill Serva
CIO, Goodwill of Arizona
"The CIO Professional Network provides me the opportunity to engage with other thought leaders and obtain insight from senior technology executives in multiple industries. There is simply no other platform providing this level of value for CIOs."
Phil Stevens
Head Technology Executive


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